Where U Throw Dust Which Was In UR Home?

March 26, 2009 6:56am CST
Hi Friendss, Some days back i observed some one which are beside of my house throwing dust and waster material daily to near to my house owner starting quarrel with them some times he use to fight.. but i dont like such kind of things... but in my house we are using a dustbin and we collect all the waste material at one place and we thorw the that at one time that to at morning time at far of living place we can avoid from pollution and bad smell also.. Is any one facing or faced this kind of situation every time in your house or near to your house.. Please share.. Regards RK
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26 Mar 09
u see friend waste -materials and junk is a great headache these days.Normally in our house, we throw all the food skins,used tea leaves and other plastic wrapes in 1 fixed dustbin.Everday,at about 7/7.30 in the morning ,the sweeper comes and collects the waste from our house. But here lies the problem.The place where he dumps all the junk isn't quite a sae place either--,everyday numerous animals loiter about his place and eat all those junk. This is such a sad thing--animlal are taking in toxic wastes,plastic bags,glass shards ,paper clips,CDs and so on more and more with every passing day.Far from any improvement or wareness,this problem is becoming worsee .Lets hope,we come with an alternate waste-recycle facility and lets reduce our daily use of plastic.