how come my eanrings decrease?

@alankor (479)
March 26, 2009 7:55am CST
when i log in today to mylot, i found that my earning decrease 15 cents.any reason for that?i have been active in mylot.quite puzzled myself.
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@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
26 Mar 09
At the bottom of your 'earnings' page it says: 'All amounts are estimates and are subject to change until final payments are made' That's what is happening, just like explained in previous responses so nothing to worry about. If I were you I should get busy responding to make up for your losses!
@lilcee (2704)
• United States
26 Mar 09
I was wondering the same thing. When I logged in today it was down by 3 cents. I know that's not much but I wonder why. Hopefully I will be able to make my payout this month if they don't take away any more.
@kumarpslv (3218)
• India
26 Mar 09
When I was online with myLot few hours back, I saw the balance of $10.34 (as it was yesterday), then after few minutes it was $10.35, then $10.36, and then again to $10.34 for about one hour, after that it was $10.33 till now. This shows that the editing process of our discussions, responses are going on.As and when our discussions and responses are deleted due to the violation of term, our balance also changes accordingly. I have noticed many time, a increase in my balance by 1-3 cents. This is usual process only.
• United States
26 Mar 09
My earnings have decreased a couple of time, they will increase when they update there system everyday and that is once every 24 hours. They decrease either because you have started or responded to a discussion they deleted. THey get deleted most of the time becase they are duplicates of ones that have already been started or another thing that gets them deleted is that they are not apporpirate and they regulate there guide lines. Hope this makes it clear. Good luck mylotting