How Many Of U Track Your Lover?

March 26, 2009 9:29am CST
Hi Friends, There is a friend for me he always track his lovers mail id, mobile phone etc.,, i had told to me it is not a good thing to track your lover that much of time y ur doing like that but he is telling that he loves her soooo much so if any body come between them he cannot bare... my doubt is if there is love i mean much love on any lover can it will collapase there love fastly.... I am thinking that my friends story seems like that only If you have faced any time such situtation... Please share Regards RK
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• Canada
28 Mar 09
i do not track my husband to me that would show a lack of trust in him and i trust my husband fully.
@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
27 Mar 09
Love requires trust. If you love them, then you need to trust them. But it also means that the partner has to be honest. My husband didn't trust me once. He was checking my emails one day behind my back. I though he was doing it because he wasn't really talking to me. So the next day I had set up my computer in a way that I could tell if some one has been on my computer. I placed a bit of paper right near the mouse so that he would have to move it to use my computer then went to the school to pick up the kids. When I got back, I found the paper moved. I asked who was on my computer. My husband denied it at the start. I said I know some one was using my computer. He finally admitted that he was on it and that he was checking up on my emails. I was so upset with him because it showed he didn't trust me. If he is tracking me through my mobile phone without my knowledge, I am going to be totally disappointed because it would show he doesn't trust me at all. That is not really love but an obsession. I don't track my husband and never would. I want to be able to trust him as long as he is honest with me. I feel that it is an invasion of privacy and by tracking I believe that there is no trust. That is what I think but other people will be different to me.