My Pug Dilemma

@jismol (71)
March 26, 2009 9:58am CST
Guys I got this chance to buy a pug which i want to own very badly...But my family is against buying it coz they say its quite difficult to maintain a pug...Is that true? Pug owners please give me some response to this...Waiting desperately for some guidance from ppl who actually owns a pug
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@HelloMickey (1663)
• Hong Kong
15 Apr 09
Hello jismol I have a pug too. I love my pug very much. I think it is not quite difficult to maintain a pug, I mean every breeds of dogs would have their problems as well, for me pug is easy got hair drop, there is so many pug's hair all over my house. I need to sweep it three times a day, I swept my house once a day before, so if you love your pug, I don't mean to do more for him. Another problem is the snoring when they sleep, it seems that they snores very loud, but I now can't sleep without hearing his snoring. The rest of the problems are just as many as other breeds. Don't forget, other breeds have their problems too, if you want to own a pug very badly. Go for it! Pugs are a really lovely monster, the most adorable dogs!