Would you ever consider Liposuction?

@Jamton (118)
March 26, 2009 12:03pm CST
I have realised today that I have gone up yet another size and it has really got to me. I've always been really thin and all of a sudden I've gained all this weight and it is really showing too. I know it is because Im contented, I'm happy with life, but Im unfortunately very unhappy with my figure! I have looked into Liposuction, I don't think I'd get it because I'd be too scared, but I almost want to have it. I don't know. What do you think?
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@di1159 (1580)
• United States
26 Mar 09
The problem with lipo is that many people think its a quick fix for weight loss. If you don't change your eating habits and start an exercise program, the fat will come back and it will be worse! Also, if properly done, it should help with certain problem areas where body fat accumulates, however your size will not really change. Removing too much is dangerous and can cause deformities. It's best to consult with a doctor for a diet and exercise program which will be a lot easier on your pocketbook and a whole lot healthier for your body. If you want some free tips try skinnyandthecity.com where you can find tips from exercise professionals. Good luck!
@Jamton (118)
26 Mar 09
See I actually am following a diet and exercise plan, I go running every day, and do a fitness dvd every day too. I do eat quite healthily too. It's just a great struggle and Im not sure what to do :( lol Oh well Im sure I'll find something!
• Malaysia
23 May 09
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@valpopa (155)
• Italy
1 Apr 09
Hi Personally, I don't think liposuction is the answer. Try getting used to a rigurous exercise routine and adjust your diet so the amount of calories per die diminishes as much as possible. The pain of feeling hungry all day long is much more sustainable than the postop pain you get after parts of your body have been removed (skin and fat tissue that is)
@galileo2008 (1147)
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
Maybe. Liposuction may be the fastest and easiest way to lose those unwanted fats, but there are a lot of complications that go along with it. I also want to get slimmer and sexier but I get scared of going through the process of liposuction. The idea of being sliced up with sharps scares me a lot..
@CMTS_87 (1342)
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
yes! definitely! faster way to have a beautiful body!