How do you know if she`s the one?

March 26, 2009 6:16pm CST
I have had a couple of long term relationships ( 7 & 10 yrs) and in both cases thought "this is it, this is the woman I`m gonna be with the rest of my life". Both times I have been wrong. Last year my long term girlfriend cheated on me and left me for a guy who is 12 yrs younger than I am (we were both 33). I started seeing a girl in summer last year and things are going well. At our age we have both been hurt and have taken things slowly. We have a holiday booked for early next year. Im starting to get that feeling of "This is the one" again. Am I clinging onto false hope? Could she be "The One"? How do you know when you have found the right partner?
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@la_chique (1499)
26 Mar 09
I guess you never can tell if it will last or not. Best just to enjoy it whilst it lasts, and keep up good communication, let each other know about your morals. I guess you should just take things as they come. I hope your luck gets better. I'm sure it will :)
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