are you an over sensitive person?

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March 26, 2009 7:27pm CST
sometimes i think that iam to sensitive i will over react to things my husband says stupid thing like when he says that i should pay more attention to what i do.
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27 Mar 09
I think that it is okay to be sensitive. It is hard to understand if you are being sensitive to what your husband has said. I guess if my husband told me that I should pay more attention to what I do, the first thing I would think is he sounds like a parent instead of a husband. It depends on what tone, the situation, and if he says stuff like that all the time. Was it something that was harmful that could have been avoided? I think it is better to be a little sensitive instead of someone who doesn't care about a thing. My husband could have told me I should pay more attention over the years. I have, for instance burned many pans but luckily never the house. He just comes home, sniffs the air, and asks what we have been burning today. After many years of marriage your hearing becomes a little less sharp and half the time you don't notice what is said. You spend so much time saying, "What did you say," that you just let it go!
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28 Mar 09
He jokes around with me a lot,but sometimes i do not want to hear it iam going to learn how to tune him out