India Polls - Will Advani realize his dream this time?

@cvrajan (355)
March 26, 2009 8:08pm CST
BJP seems to be all out to woo net-savvy people and sell "Advani"! If you go to any website on articles containing something to do with Hinduism, you will find BJP's ad projecting Advani for prime minister-ship. (1) Do you think the current political climate is favorable for him to realize his life-time dream? (2) Taking into the fact that people, in each election seem to want some change in the helm of affairs, do you think Advani has a better chance to grab the imagination of the people than Manmohan Singh? (3) Do you think there are specific and serious issues to be resolved through this election verdict? If so, what are they? (4) Do you think the third front will prove to be a spoilsport for both the major contending parties? (5) Finally, do you think that Vajpayee has done enough damage to Advani's career prospects during the last election by stubbornly projecting himself for the next term? If he had been magnanimous enough to step aside and projected Advani to prime ministership last time, could BJP have returned to power, based on a new hope and change?
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