The Christ side of Tupac Shakur.

Tupac and Biggie icons of Rap - Tupac and Biggie icons of Rap. Was Tupac Shakur a Christ
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March 26, 2009 9:23pm CST
Two songs in particular showed the Christ side of Tupac. Still I Rise and Black Jesus showed his understanding his role and the responsibility he carried. Tupac understood that black men who learn to survive are jewels. The madness we perpetate on each is matched by a system that never intended for black men to feel powerful. But the constition was made with one flaw for a dogmatic society, Freeddom of Speech. Freedom of Speech allowed a Tupac, a Biggie and a Jay-Z to rise up despite their circumstances. The beginning of Still I rise has a prayer that is the plight of many young black men. Their loss of hope and disillusinment. But they struggle on despite the odds. Tupac was bold, he was revolutionary and he tried to start a group of followers. But not having fully developed his maturity, his life was cut short due a necklace. Live on Tupac.
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27 Mar 09
alright, I am a huge tupac fan, and I'm stoked that i finally found a discussion about him that wasnt extra old, but I have to disagree with you, a black man who learns to survive is not a jewel they are just smart animals, same with white men, yellow men, brown men, or any other color of a man or woman, a jewel is a man or woman that takes their consenquences and the responsibility of what ever actions you take, tupac has a touching story, his mom was pregnant and in jail, he got harrassed by the cops alot but still managed to be the best rapper ever, and will continue to be loved by millions even thousands of years from now, but, if you want to see a real jewel look up leon powes story, hes a player for the boston celtics, now his story is even more touching and shows more struggle, but he still managed to make his life better without having to have so much controversy, and besides tupacs following of the outlawz, his music and his acting, have you looked at his poems? his poetry was quite christ like, just figured I'd throw that in there