My Cat Got Cancer From A Vaccine

United States
March 27, 2009 6:48am CST
It turns out it happens plenty. Those vaccinations your vet insists you get every year for your precious cats can give them cancer. Our beloved Izzabelle developed cancer from such a thing many years after a shot in that location. No one tells you it can be a deadly side effect. It's called VAS (vaccine associated sarcoma). She'll be lucky if she lives to see next year. We are so upset about this. We've switched to a holistic vet who has had good results treating this type of cancer. There's no cure of course but she's helping us to try to slow it down so we can spend a little more time with our special girl. It's devastating when you have to see your pet walk such a road. Animals are so brave, some of the time she acts like she doesn't even know she's sick. Has anyone else had to suffer through this too?
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