Moms who have plastic surgery does this affect children?

United States
March 27, 2009 7:27am CST
Moms who have plastic surgery does this affect children? Does this lead into childhood body disorders in their children? Theses children watch their parents go to extreme to make their bodies look good. Many of these parents have body image issues, which may lead them to pass this on to this children. Many children feel that they must be thin, never have wrinkles, feel that their bodies should be like those in magazines. What do you think? A primary example would be Joan Rivers, the queen of plastic surgery and body modifications. Her daughter had quite a few surgeries just like mom. Did she get this from watching her mom go through surgeries, creams, and therapies to try and look good? MTV, VH-1, and many other TV channels feature shows that have young children undergoing plastic surgery to look good. Some shows even show teen who are already addicted to plastic surgery, before their bodies have fully been developed. What do you think?
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