use it to record things

March 27, 2009 9:28am CST
as time goes by,we have grown up,and we gradually realise the things happened or is happening or will happen in our life time have specific meaning and play a great role in our lives,they or make us happy ,or make us sad ,or make us depressed,or make us progress...and so on.while we cannot keep all these things in our mind.and we need some ways to help us to recall them when we are happen to want enjoy the feeling that moment own.and at this moment i want a digital camera to record my happiness as i get the news from my elderly sister she have given birth to a baby. i am so happy and dont know how to enjoy it.the only way occur in my mind is to take the pictures for my nephew and record the happiness i cannot express on papers.
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• Australia
9 Apr 09
A camera (DIGITAL OR OTHERWISE) not only records the events of our lives and holds our memories: they tend to shape our recollections. And not only the happy times, either...