When do you think its the right time to have a second child??

March 27, 2009 10:41am CST
My first child is of 2.5 yrs. I dont want to have a second child so soon. But my family members keep on saying that lesser the age of the first one the less problem you will face handling them. Actually they think when the second child comes into the family the first one feels ignored and left out. So when he/she is small they dont understand much abt it, and thats the right time to have a second one. But my daughter is so attached to me that if I carry someone's else baby for a while she start crying. I am afraid that what will happen then ?? I feel I should go in for Second one when she starts understanding things so then she will accept the new one. What do you think please let me know ??
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27 Mar 09
My husband wants our kids close together. I would rather have them speced. I and my brother were about 2 years apart and we faught all the time. I feel bad for my mom looking back. I am pregnant with our second child. Our kids will be about 2 years apart. I think about this a lot. I want 1 more child but I was to wait 3 years first. Do what is right for you. That is what I can tell you. If it would be better for you to wait then wait. If you want them close then do that. I wouldn't listen to other people. You and your significant other is what matters.
30 Mar 09
Thanks a lot.