Interesting things about friends

United States
March 27, 2009 11:15am CST
So, in my life I've always been depressed because I've never had any friends. So, recently, I've picked up on some friends and here's what happened. Well, for starters I'm not lonely anymore, wondering why life exists. Second of all, it's fun, if you get around the right friends, you'll have a blast and never want to go home or get off the phone. You know, people to relate to; friends are always there for you in those hard times when you're feeling down. So for these past few days, I've really been having a blast with my new friends. I'm sure right off the bat, they've cured my stress, anxiety, depression, and other things. It's been good and I hope I keep these friends for a long time. How about you guys, what's your share on friends?
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@shankul (72)
• India
6 Oct 10
ya u are right i had same experience in high school now friends are every thing for me i shifted frm Delhi to Gr.Noida here my life become boring day by day......a true friend ship improves our life :)
• China
15 Aug 09
Everyone has friends, has many friends in the busy work week, about a few friends out to drink tea, chat, meet, or we went to the countryside, a picnic, have a happy weekend, this is a very happy thing. With friends, you will not feel lonely, lonely. Now, let us make friends in mylot, chat with each other, talk about interesting news around us. I think this is a very happy thing, a day after returning home from work to take a look at mylot friends were talking about. This is very pleasant.