spring clean your life

@kerriannc (4280)
March 27, 2009 10:14pm CST
Most of us will "spring-clean" our homes at least once a year, but have you ever considered spring-cleaning your life? Our minds are very similar to our homes in that they get cluttered with things like old habits, ideas, attitudes, hurt and anger. Just as how we need to clean out and throw away the clutter from our homes, we also need to clear our minds and our lives of the old habits that are not serving us well and leave space for positive thoughts, exciting opportunities and a new and happier lifestyle. You may need to take a long, compassionate and yet critical look at how you are currently living your life and decide what you need to clean out and release. Like cleaning your house, a mental spring-cleaning will need dedicated effort to make these changes. Here are some suggestions of ways to perform a mental spring-cleaning: 1. Sweep out anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, frustration and self-doubt. Think about doing a review of your life where you write down all the unattractive aspects and find ways to replace a negative action or reaction to a situation with a positive action that will benefit both you and those around you. Maybe it's a call to a friend you had harsh words with to say, "I'm sorry, can we be friends again?" Think how much lighter and happier you will feel. 2. Rinse away procrastination and delay. These negatives can only lead to more problems and frustrations in your life. When we do not face life head-on we are constantly trying to get caught up with yesterday and are unable to deal with the present. 3. Shake out your attitude and clean out fear, envy, cynicism and pessimism. A positive attitude begins with being grateful. Change your perspective by giving love, care, help and concern to those around and to yourself. Make a list of the benefits of a positive point of view. For instance, if you decide to be friendlier and giving to those you encounter daily, this will cause others to enjoy your company more and possibly lead to new positive friends in your life. 4. Toss out lack of patience, misunderstanding and throw out the filth of gossip and lies. Open the blinds and let in the warmth of friends. To have a friend means to be a friend, so work at developing honesty and loyalty in your friendships. Remember the saying, "Good friends are better than pocket money." What you put out will surely come back. 5. Freshen up your thoughts and bring in fun and humour. Life is hard sometimes but we can find the humour in our daily lives in order to make the difficulties and hardships easier to bear. 6. Get organised. Get your tasks done in a timely fashion so that your life is not filled with partially completed projects and never-ending lists of things to so. Give your home a full spring clean, this will help to focus and improve your daily life. 7. Open the door to new and fresh ideas and a better perspective of ways to live an easier, happier and healthier life. Bring in new habits and a new mind set by opening up your mind to a different way of being. We need to find ways to enjoy the people we truly are. If we do not like ourselves for whatever reasons, then identify those faults and work towards becoming the person we would like to be. Remember, we cannot pour more water into a full glass. We need to pour out the old and invite in the new into our lives. Life begins fresh each day. Ensure you are not bringing along yesterday's garbage.
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@ronnyb (6119)
• Jamaica
5 Apr 09
Wow this a great discussion,very unique concept .I must say that I have never spring cleaned my mind at least not conciuosly but I can see how me may accumulate a lot of negative things and why we need to just flush our minds and start again.Thank you for your advice and I will do some of thes things
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
28 Mar 09
I rarely ever do any spring cleaning, I guess I am just used to the cobwebs and the dust
• Philippines
28 Mar 09
Yes, i do springclean my life and it starts with our yearly church retreats - the first one is for all the church members who want to renew their relationship with God, the second is for the church workers, those who serve in the different ministries and the third, a retreat for those who are involved in the worship and music ministry. Matthew 6:33 of the Bible says "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (NIV) I believe i can only clean my life if i start from a renewed spirit within me. And i can only truly renew my mind when i let go of controlling the wheel of my life all by myself and let God do the steering. Hi, kerriannc, i like your article! Thanks!