How to tell if you have broken or sprained your ankle

United States
March 28, 2009 9:18pm CST
I was walking down two stairs and my leg gave out. My ankle now looks like it should be the an egg by the size of it. I'm not sure how to tell for sure its something really wrong with it or if its just sprained. Any help would greatly help. Thank you for your time. Happy Mylotting!!!!
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@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
29 Mar 09
If it's really bothering you then you should go to the doctor to have your ankle checked. You can't second-guess when it comes to your health. It is better to seek professional advice than just ask anybody. Of course, you can always administer first aid but to be safe it is better to go to a doctor. Anyways, if it's nothing serious, it should heal on its own in a few days. But, if its getting worse after a few days then it can be serious. Especially, when you're not so young anymore (if you're not) because our bones and ligaments are weaker as we aged. There are medicinal plants out there that you can apply to your swollen ankle. I don't know the exact english term because I only know their local term but you can research it online...Get well soon!
• United States
29 Mar 09
I wrapped it in an ace wrap it seems too be helping it. I can stand on it really only hurts when I try walking on it so i'm gonna give it tell tomorrow and if it doesn't feel better i'm gonna go the local doctor's office up here because they can do xray's. Thanks for your response. Happy Mylotting.