Providing Prepaid VISA Virtual Card - Not FREE

March 29, 2009 5:19am CST
Well first of all I want tell that my service is not free so for freebies, sorry. First of all, Prepaid VISA Virtual Card(VVC) work just like a real plastic debit card only that it come in virtual form so you can't use it on your local store etc. You can only use it online where VISA card is accepted. It is anonymous meaning can be use with any name or address when making payment. It is not generated by hacking software, legal and using it will not violate any law. It is manage by a registered UK company which are certified by the UK Financial Service Authority(FSA) and issued by Bank of Valletta, under pursuant to a license by VISA Europe. I am a registered and verified member and I am offering this service for other to use, with a very low charge and fees. There are many service provider out there but most them charge a high price for their service. If someone find a cheaper service somewhere else, please inform me. What I have to offer: 1) A loadable Virtual VISA Card. To own one loadable VVC, I will charge $10USD for this. You will receive your VVC number which consist of 16 number, the CVV and expiry date(1 year from the month it being issued) with no fund in it. It need to be load at least once a month from the date you bought or load the VVC to prevent service cancellation. Can be use to verify/ lift PayPal limit, verify or pay eBay seller fees, Google Addword and anywhere on the internet that accept VISA. If you use it to verify PayPal and somehow your VVC had been canceled, your PayPal will stay verified. You can't withdraw fund from PayPal to the VVC To load the VVC, I will charge a fees per transaction. Amount to load(fees) $10($5) $20($6) $30($7) $40($8) $50($9) 2)Non loadable Virtual VISA Card it will come preloaded. All the same as loadable VVC accept it will be deleted after 15 days so you will need to make sure you used up all the fund before that. The price is similar to load a VVC. Amount it will come with(fees) 3)Verify/ lift PayPal limit only. This is only for those that only want to lift or verify their PayPal. After verified, the VVC will be deleted but your account will stay verified. 4-digit PayPal EXPUSE code will be send after 2-4 days. Cost: $6.00USD 4)Verify eBay only. This is only for those that want verify their eBay account. Can't be load to pay eBay seller fees. Cost: $5.00USD I accept PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers and Liberty Reserve as payment processor. I am a serious service provider, no time for scamming. Visit my profile for the link to my blog. Additional info there.
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