My affliction ~about my old friend! How can I know her thought?

March 29, 2009 9:36am CST
Yesterday I met my old friend online and we talked to each other all the night.she's one of my best friends when I'm very small,we almost grow up together .But since we go to school ,we haven't got in touch with each other for almost 13 years up to now.Though we often met in the street before ,but I'm too shy to say hello to her.I also know it's not good.And yesterday I met her online,I thought of the wonderful time we went through in our childhood.And we talked a lot,because it's online ,I'm not that shy.And suddenly I want to know everything about her,I hardly know anything about her these years,I know she is one of the best friends with my middle school classmates.and now I want to continue our friendship like when we're a child.But I think she has already had her own and new friends maybe she doesn't thought like me ,maybe she has lost our friendship^ I want to know what's her thought.but I dare not ask her. How shall I do? Is there anyone can help me to give me some good advice?
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