How do you clean your dishwasher??

March 29, 2009 4:47pm CST
I try cleaning mine with the bottles of dishwasher cleanerbut the thing is, my dishwasher doesn't melt the stopper to let the fluid out properly - it musn't get hot enough...if this happened toyou, how would you clean your dishwasher properly? I have already cleaned the filters as they were very gross
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• Canada
6 Oct 09
Actually, I have a self-cleaning dishwasher. After he's done washing the dishes, and doing whatever else he wants to do around the house, sometimes he'll go and take a nice hot shower. LOL My husband is the best dish washer in the world, and what he does doesn't add up on our hydro bill. When the power goes out, he can still wash dishes. LOL Everyone should have a husband who does that.
• Australia
6 Oct 09
Hey, I wish my hubby did that!! He works full time so I do the cooking & the cleaning so he works & does the outside of the house like mowing the lawns, etc.