Has isabelmarco turned a scam site.....

March 30, 2009 1:05am CST
Hi friends,i am from india.I joined this ptc site as heard about it to be a genuine and trusted ptc site.So i also invested nearly 30$ to buy ref,but slowly all my bought refs started dis-appearing and the site said they were inactive,but the truth was that they were active and site sold these members back to some1 esle so as to make money from themselves.I wasted all my money and when i reached 10$payout.They havent paid me yet.Nearly 6 months ago i had requested for it.Plz help...
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@wallie (405)
• Sweden
24 Jun 09
Isabelmarco is a scam site so I'm sorry to hear that you invested in it. I also invested in that site but way way back.. they owe me $170+ and they have stolen $63 which I requested they pay me back at least! Report the site, I hope to see the people behind it in jail! They even started over with the old investors money and using it to pay new people one time that invest it seems. I can't understand how that site can still be up and running after all the people they scammed.
@rezax123 (395)
• Norway
23 May 09
I saw same things 2-3 time. so don't waste your money easily first you get the payment than try to buy anything from it. than you can be sure bout it.
@MatrixIS (21)
• United States
17 Apr 09
this site is scam for long , some people got scammed for $1800 , just request a chargeback from paypal/alertpay
• United States
4 Apr 09
Hi, That site is on GPTBANK's scam list. There should be some information about it on their forum. I have signed up there and check their scam list before I join anything. You can find the link on my profile if you'd like to check it out. Good luck!
@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
2 Apr 09
I have friends who have been paid this year. First of all Isabelmarco should really fix up their wording for referrals that you pay money for. They are rented referrals. I am still with them because I feel that they are trust worthy. But at the moment, they do have alot of things to sort out after the problems they had last year.