Have u caught your friend making out????

March 30, 2009 1:19am CST
Have u ever caught ur friend lying to or may be giving excuse for not coming for late night party.....but later on discovered and caught RED Handed making out with his Girlfriend......????It happened with me 2 years back when it was the new year party and one of my friend who was very eager to join us to the party suddenly said he wont be making it wid us....when asked why didnt he wanna come, he said he was just not feeling that good (a crap Excuse!!!)Leaving this friend at home we all buddies made it to the party and i happened to forget my mobile with the same friend(i dont remember how), for which i moved back to get the same......And for my shock....what is see is.....***....my GOD!!!!! For a moment i didnt undestand whats happening.....and after 5 minutes i started gigling after staring at them.....my frnd was soooo embarrased, that he couldnt face me for 15days...i told my frnds about this and he was talk of the college for that week.....it was soooo funnny!!!! Friend please make sure to latch the door next time!!!!!!!!
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