Live and let live Will it exist one day??

@med889 (5958)
March 30, 2009 3:12am CST
Well I supposed the more you are detached from everyone the more they tend to talk about you. What do you do in these circumstances?
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• Philippines
30 Mar 09
i dont think it will ever happen. people just have to care whether in a good way or bad way. well when people talk about me even if i try my best to go away from them,i just become civil or if they talk bad about me, i kill them with kindness
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@sisterjinx (1136)
• United States
30 Mar 09
It's funny that I find this topic here tonight. Hubby and I are full time RVers both by necesity and by choice, but this means that we live in a camper in an RV park. The problem is we are currently struggling financially and not living in a park we would choose to stay in if it could be helped. The people here are all of similar or worse circumstances and that makes for a very trailer park type community. Hubby and I are not big socializers. We keep to ourselves and seldom go out. This makes us the talk of the park. Our son, who is a teenager IS very social and unfortunately that allows all the rumor and conjecture to get back to us. For a very long time I was simply ignoring it but very recently they finally drove me over the edge. (after all even a saint can only take so much before they snap) I happened to be outside and one of our "friends" within the park called me over to where a bunch of them were. They then proceeded to try and talk with me like a "friend". At some point something more serious came up and I made a comment about something that someone had said, that apparently I wasn't supposed to know about. This made them ALL get defensive and they started snapping at me and I lost it. I told them I was tired of the high school drama coming from the MEN in this park and either it needed to stop or they needed to not talk to me at all anymore. They all became silent and looked at the ground. One of them continued to push at me and got louder and louder. I talked to him like a 5 year old and told him that when he was willing to talk to me in a civil tone we could certainly talk things out. This infuriated him and he walked away. This was followed by apologies from the other men in the group. I don't think it will change things in all honesty. I think it is simply a part of all their coping mechanisms. They are unhappy and don't like to feel badly about their situation. Since we are not unhappy and are not really social we become easy targets. So let them talk. When they pick on my kid, which was what started me getting so upset in the first place, then I'll deal with them again but until then I really don't care. I know who I am. I am not unhappy about where I am in my life and if they need to make themselves feel better by downing others than at least it's me and not someone who can't handle themselves. It's not easy being the target. I have often been the target because I am easy going and comfortable with myself. I refuse to change or become like those who act in such a way and therfore there must be something wrong with me in their eyes. In my younger years this tore at my heart and soul. Now I figure that they are not really worth my time or energy and they don't really matter to me in the grand scheme of things so whatever. I ignore most of it. The only time I get really riled up is when they involve my child.