Bothered while trying to sleep

United States
March 30, 2009 4:08am CST
Anyone else get bothered while trying to sleep? First I felt hot this morning as it's nearly 4am and when the blower on our furnace is going to town I get too hot and sometimes it causes me to wake up. Then my kitty decides she wants me to pet her, well good grief girl it's 2 something in the morning, but this kitty is a night kitty so not surprising. But I put her on the floor and shooed her away a few times only to get pestered again and again. And then by that point my daughter was crying about growing pains. Granted we co-sleep (not by choice, but it's either that or no sleep for anyone!) so I go to bed earlier than I like with the kids. So in a way it's natural for me to get up after sleeping 5hrs or so as I did it alot when i was pregnant too. So I guess I should stop mylotting and actually attempt to get some rest provided my kitty will leave me alone and there's room in the bed still. *LOL*
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• China
30 Mar 09
I will be unhappy if somebody bothers me when I was sleeping.When I was young,I would angry with others disturbed me when I was sleeping.While I grow up,I won't be angry about this,but I will be unhapppy.My hunsband told me that it is not good to express the unhapppy moood to others.I know,but I can't help doing it. :0 Maybe I must learn patience.