Toroads - Finally kicks the bucket !

@jason1308 (1587)
March 30, 2009 4:49am CST
So I have just seen that after months of speculation, that Toroads has finally Kicked the bucket and disappeared. Is there any end in sight to the disappearance of all these PTC sites ?
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• Chennai, India
30 Mar 09
As long as we encourage them by shouting "I got paid!!! It's legit.", I don't think there will be any end. We get paid once, we call a scam to be legit. Finally the site disappears. Similarly, we get suspended at a legit site, then we call it scam too. I didn't mean you, but that's the general attitude of most people out there. As long as this attitude continues, more and more scams will emerge and the genuine sites will die without support.
@jason1308 (1587)
• France
30 Mar 09
Thanks venkataraman for your response, I have never said that I have been paid by Toroads, I am just shocked that it has gone, although I had heard rumors recently, but what else can we do. It is good when members say they have been paid as this is the only way that we can gauge whether a site could be good or bad. I would also agree with you though on the eagerness of others to rubbish a site even if it is legit, before proper time or explanation is sought. Happy MyLotting
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
Toroads did it again Last January, their site was also unaccessible due to non-payments of their members then suddenly they got back into business again after paying them. I am not sure if the payment proofs they are trying to show were real. I requested a payment more than a week ago then suddenly Toroads became unaccessible again. I have heard from others that it used to be a legitimate site but turns into a scam lately