Blizzard is developing a new game

March 30, 2009 6:02am CST
Blizzard peak at what? "World of Warcraft" piece of new information,"StarCraft 2", "Diablo 3",the next generation of MMO online games,these are the final. Now look, Blizzard have a secret new project. Blizzard at the official web page on recruitment,the recent emergence of a "not announced" (Unannouced) classification,there is under the client software engineers and software engineers Game two positions are not yet announced a Gamehas Recruit experience in the development of engineers, the former for the game screen, and other client systems, while the latter system for the rules of the game. This is almost equivalent to the official confirmation on the existence of a new game. Internal message from Blizzard also shows that said here is not "World of Warcraft" piece of new information, but also the next generation of MMOand online games has nothing to do really is a new game, and are currently in use "World of Warcraft"engine test for the future with a new engine.
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