parents'love for kids

@rocketsky (1014)
March 30, 2009 7:48am CST
I'd like to tell you sth about a couple in my residential area .they came from rural area in Jingsu Province many years ago when their lands were occupied by some multinational corporations .then they came to beijing and found a job in our compound as cleaners .the couple earns about 800a month ,but they have extra income approx 1000 per month by collecting wasted newspapers ,plastic beverage bottles ,cardboard boxes and everything that can be recycled .can you imagine how much they spend per month for their own ? they spend about 400 averagely and save the rest for their younger daughter who is now a college studnet ,they say thet cannot suffer that their their daughter to be looked no difference among her peers in the campus if people judge from her dress or from other applicances like cell phone ,computer ,mp3 etc and no one knows her parens are cleaners. the couple have pinned all their hopes on this daughter to improve their life in old age because farmers are excluded from the social security system according to teh existing regulations ---I dont think it is fair enough .everyone in our compound knows them ,understands their aspiration and everyone has tried the best to offer their help . such are chinese parents and their love to kids .
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@navonly (901)
• India
31 Mar 09
Wow! I really appreciate the couple you are talking about. And its really great that such people still exist in China even if the world is running towards the American Culture. Am really scared if their daughter will be able to fulfill the dreams of her parents. I pray to God that she does her duty as expected by her parents. Now one more think I would like to say is that You can find millions of such couple in India, who can do any thing for their kids, and their better future. Here they think its their duty, and their love for their kids, which makes them do all these things. Even if they wont have a single piece of bread, they'll serve good dishes for their kids. All these things are general here.