Deportees are a burden on caribbean societies

March 30, 2009 8:56am CST
hey there mylot fans i really need your help can u help me by posting your views? do you think that deportees are a burden on caribean societies?i don't because i see them as a regular citizen returning to their country.the only thing is that they will not b able to travel for some time and definately not to that country which he or she was deported from.people are being deported for several reasons for eg.criminal activities,political issues,you name the rest.but why are these person considered a burden? the only time i see them as a berden is when they are refugees and the country has to provide them with clothing food and shelter with the means of it's tell me what u think.
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@gbeny007 (14)
• Jamaica
14 Apr 09
I am in total agreement with you. Deportees has being draining the resources in the Caribbean but we cannot turn our back on them. What the respective heads of state need to do is to come up with some strategic plans on how to utilize their services to the betterment of the communities he/she resides in. Not all deportees are bad and some of them where just trying to irked out a living. Someone of them where not even on the wrong side of the law but unfortunately was send home because of some misunderstanding with his/her spouse. So we really need to try and help them and not past judgments.