Tell me about stories, fabbles etc. that enocurage children.

March 30, 2009 11:17am CST
I am in search of stories that can boost the moral and self confidence in children. It has practical value for me. My concern is my child. He is smart, no doubt about it. But he lacks in self confidence. He cannot take challenge. He always fight shy of competitive environment. Moreover, his speed in any task is low. I don't think school curricular activities are sufficient for tackling this situation. I think there are some stories that can build children's self confidence. Do you know such stories specially meant for this purpose?
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@coldmoon (1092)
• France
30 Mar 09
I suggest you the book "Totto chan - the little girl at the window". Five years ago, I took part in a propagation organized by UNICEF for this book. Most of children liked it.
• United States
30 Mar 09
Make up your own fairy tale & tell it to your child. I made up my own story for my grandson when he was a little boy. The story I told him was about me & my childhood. And then I told him another story about my daughters. In the stories I was a princess & in my daughters stories they were princess too. So make up a story about him & how smart he is & how he will grow to be a wise man. But change the name so he wont know it is really him you made the story up about. I talk to my oldest grandson all the time & tell him he can be what ever he wants to be he just has to apply himself. I told him he is very smart & handsome. But what ever we want in life we have to work hard & have a true desire to improve ones self no matter. My grandson is very smart when it comes to computers & loves animation. I told him he could go very far in that field if he put his heart to it & worked hard. All you need to do is to encourage & show you have faith.