can you afford to loose your dog?

March 30, 2009 2:17pm CST
Our pet shih tzu is around with our family 7 months, he's really adorable. We treat him like a human being, give him milk morning and at night before he goes to sleep. For his meal we let him eat cooked meat. Some say its too much for a dog but for us he is now a member of our family, i even treated him as my brother sounds funny but its true. I really cant afford loosing him. How bout you? What's your pet dog to you?
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@tosha86 (133)
• United States
30 Mar 09
lol. My dog's have a grocery list as long as the one I make for my family of 4. I agree with you they are family not just pets. Though my dogs eat raw meals, they are bull dogs. I give them our scraps as well but other than that they are on a very healthy diet consisting of things like raw eggs with the shell, meat, yogert, cottage cheese, fish, fish oil gel caps, raw sweet potatoes, potted meat, chicken broth, etc. all chopped together. It is not good for them to have a lot of seasond foods, fried foods, etc. and if you cook the food you lose a lot of the nutritional value. Aside from that, the fact that they are family so I love them the same as my own children and I have bonded with them on many different levels I also can't afford to lose them litterally due to the fact that they are $1500-$4000.00 dogs. lol. I can't imagine my life without them honestly, I love them so.
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@bellaofchaos (11550)
• United States
2 Apr 09
Frost is a member of the family and I couldn't even fathom losing him I think that we'd be all distraught and no we couldn't afford to lose him. He's not just a pet he is definitely part of the family ..
• United States
1 Apr 09
My little shih tzu is my life if I lose him you might as well bury me too lol
@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
31 Mar 09
My Yorkie is my everything to me. May I advise that Milk is not recommended to give to your dog. Not the milk that we consume regularly. Whereas a Lactose-free milk products are available for pets. Recommended Reading for All Dog Owners Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog Recommended Reading for All Dog Owners Don't Feed Your Dog Toxic Foods It is so easy to cause harm to our dogs, unintentionally but with what we see as kindness. I so know how you feel about your dog too. I get flack from everyone I know because I pamper my pup big time. I could never afford to loose my dog. Life just wouldn't be the same, ever.
• United States
30 Mar 09
I can't afford losing him too. He's close to my heart, like a family member. I just can't live without him !!