The puppet dances again.

United States
March 30, 2009 4:25pm CST
Well, it seems that the puppet ( Obama, and yeah, he is a puppet. His masters pull his strings and he dances ) isn't quite finished when it comes to shaping the nation in the direction of the new world order. Many alternative, and even mainstream new outlets have confirmed some rather shocking information reguarding the puppet.. apparently, he has ties with a privately owned carbon trading group, which also has ties to elitist groups like the Club of Rome, and the Trilatteral Commision ( A group which seeks global dominance. Look it up ). People.. whose side is the puppet on? What happened to "change that we can believe in"...? It's pretty obvious, now, isn't it...? Obama is no different than Bush, people. Bush set the stage so that Obama would look like god, and the masses fell for it. I do hope that you're happy with being controlled and opressed, because that's what you voted for. Meanwhile, good politicians like Ron Paul, who wishes to abolish the Federal Reserve, are cast aside and labled a heretic.
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