Ever Lied To Your Lover?

March 30, 2009 4:36pm CST
We do it sometimes to get out of trouble. But to the one you treasure? Sincerely, I've had to lie to my girl on few occasions, and I always felt bad about it. One thing I never did though was getting used to it, or it would ruin my love with her. I always made sure to tell her the truth later. I've once gotten the shame of my life when I told her a huge lie and forgot about it, only for her to find out the truth from someone else. It came out in the open, before everyone! It was a hard way to learn my lesson, but I did, and so i always make sure to tell the truth. Ever Lied to your lover?
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@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
i lied about my training as a medical transcriptionist, i said that i was attending training in the office but the truth is i was training at home. i pretend that i was going for training everyday. later on, i told her the truth and it feels great.
• Nigeria
1 Apr 09
it always feels great telling the truth, because only then do u really find peace.
@Elie6208 (58)
• United States
31 May 09
Never, and I never will. I tell him everything and I hope he does also. Lying to the one you love I think is just horrible. And you just end up hurting that person whom you "love" so much. Would you really be ok with hurting your loved one? I've been lied to so many times that sometimes I just don't know what to think when a situation arrives, but we all gotta learn from our mistakes, and I think I've learned plenty for quite awhile now.