How to tell a housemate to chip in with the shared house products or else...

March 30, 2009 5:26pm CST
As alot of you know, I have been complaining about my housemate not doing any housework of late. Well, she also doesn't contribute any money towards the shared household items like milk, sugar & cleaning products... How would you tell heer to start contributing or get her own?
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31 Mar 09
I he is really facing a problem try to help her.If she is being a jerk you 2 act like a jerk with her.Talk with her rudel and ruin her life fo a few days.She''l definitely do something good to make you shut up.
• Canada
30 Mar 09
Just be blunt and tell her what you told us. My husband and I agreed on how things would be, as soon as we moved in together. I pay the rent, he pays for the rest of the household, and it ends up that we both end up paying the same amount of money in the end. As for tasks, he's good in the kitchen, I'm good with the finances. Great! Just sit down with your mate and tell her that she needs to pull her own weight, or else you will look for a new housemate, or a new house!!