I enjoy sweet things again

@coldmoon (1092)
March 30, 2009 7:59pm CST
Five months ago, I was about to gaining weight. First, as the others (I think), I didn't realize that. But my partner played trick on me. He asked me how I could be pregnant during his longtime absence, and now he had a feeling as if he was hugging two people. Oh dear, it was terrible, so I decided to be on a diet. Hmn, no chocolate, no candy, no sweet popcorn, no honey, no french cream, and only veggies, fruits. I struggled well under my partner's support and lost 10kg, an impressive record! This morning, my love said that he would go out for work in two day, and the travel would last for half a month. Of course I was sad, but I wouldn't bother how many people he had to hug. So I ran to supermarket and bought every sweet things that I found. Wow, I'm in heaven now, lalala, and life is as sweet as the chocolate bar I'm enjoying. Happy mylotting.
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