greeting cards or emails

March 30, 2009 9:30pm CST
giving greeting cards to friends and loved ones is a like long long time ago kind of feeling .hardly v send greeting cards to friends now a days.we just call them up to wish them or v e mail them but v rarely give them greting cards. on the contrary if at all we receive any greeting card we keep them in a safe place and see them and feel nostalgic when time pass by.why are v going away from such beautiful feelings and becoming lil mechanical.what do u thing is it waste of our time to send greeting cards..............
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@majja1 (48)
• Australia
31 Mar 09
I admit that I send emails/call people most of the time but I tend to send postcards to my grandparents since I know they love them. If I could choose I would rather get a nice postcard in my mailbox than an email, but since I am not making the effort myself I can't really blame others. I agree that it is sad that we dont make the effort anymore, dont really know why since it would only take us a few minutes to write it! I think the human race is becoming more and more lazy every day....
@jaded22 (828)
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
I'd definitely prefer emails these days. Its faster and more convenient. But of course, its always different when you still receive a greeting card. lol. Welcome to mylot, and happy mylotting. :D