Should we really blame politicians for every wrong in our country?

@skyblue (1300)
March 31, 2009 12:11am CST
Do you believe this. DO you think politicians makes all mistake in our country. Some times politician give orders to govt officer ,but those officer did not take any steps.And the next day we knows from news paper that, all politician are bad. According to me, all politician are not same.Do you agree??
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• India
12 May 10
yes is baat se bilkul sahmat nahi hoon,,,,,,kyonki sabse pehle to hum hi galat hai ,,,, jab hum vote dene jaate hain unse yeh poochna chaayie ki jo tumhe rajya ke sudhaar ke liye jo amount apko milta hain woh amount akhir kahan jata hain ,,,,,aur har nata ka audit hona chayie ki kitna amount kahan par kharch hua aur janta ke saamne prastut karna chayie,,,,,taki janta ko apna neta CHUNNE main dikkat na ho,,,,,,aur saath main hame yeh bhi pata chalega ki hamare liye kon neta sahi hain ,,,,,,,jo ki rajya ko manage kar sake thanks & Regards. Brijesh Kumar
31 Mar 09
Offcoase,75% of the country's problems are created by them directly,20% indirectly and the rest by the ones who support them.
@cuttyrish (2663)
• United States
31 Mar 09
no, we should not blamed all the politicians for the problems in our country.. some problems in our country our caused by politicians.. the people should not rely on them, we as a people can make a change to improve our country...the people should work hard for so that they improve their life in that country, they should not blame the politicians for them being unsuccessful or poor.
@lockheart (1406)
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
Of course not, the success of a country doesnt depend on its politicians. The people of that country also have their piece of share with that. Politicians are only few compared with the citizens of that particular country. Its a mutualism relationship and thats should be the way. But then, we cant take the possibility and the reality that there are more bad politicians than good ones.