is your boyfriend/ husband is jealous of your success?

March 31, 2009 3:24am CST
have you ever been (or are you in) a relationship where your boyfriend is jealous of your achievements? does he sulk or get depressed when you get a higher score in tests, or when you get a raise, or when you get a promotion? what do you do if your partner is envious of your success? is this a dealbreaker for you (that is, do you end the relationship)? if not, will it and should it ever come to a point where enough is enough? if so, what circumstances will make you say it's over? have you seen close friends or loved ones in this kind of relationship? what do you do? do you try to convince them to do something, or do you sit back and watch? do you think a relationship can still work even with one party being jealous of the other's successes? what should be done exactly?