Vettel is the next Schumacher?

March 31, 2009 7:09am CST
Do you think that Sebastian Vettel is the next man to watch in the Formula 1? Can he be the next Michael Schumacher? What do you think are his advantages among other F1 drivers and who do you think wil be his greatest rival?
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@benny128 (3622)
31 Mar 09
vettel had a good race till he crashed, to be honest, so its abit pre-mature to mention him in the same vein as schumacher. thats the test of a true champion, if they have a quick car then any of the professional drivers in formula 1 can win the championship. Does that make them the next schumacer no way, schumacer was the best F1 driver in my generation not only did he know how to drive he also knew how to take people off or slow them down by bending the rules of F1. Take hamilton started 18th and finished 3rd, or buemi his first grand prix now he was mighty impressive for his first drive. So only time will tell, ask us in 10 years and see if hes won championships by then.
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
Yeah, he had a good race in Australia until he collided with Kubica. And I still admire Shumi's way of driving. He knows how to control and set phasing. Thanks for responding benny128! Hope to hear more from you about F1. =)
• Malaysia
17 Jun 09
I think its still to early to know.He made like a real rookie mistake in the last race in turkey. So far the only driver standing between him and Jenson is Rubens. I believe he will be his ultimate rival for this year's Grand Prix.