Disc Golf

@kel1483 (986)
United States
March 31, 2009 7:34am CST
Have you ever played disc golf (aka 'Frisbee Golf' or 'Frolf')? Do you enjoy playing it? If you haven't, it's basically like golf except you are throwing frisbees into these basket type things instead of using a club to hit a ball into a hole. You score it with a par like you do golf. My brother and his girlfriend started playing, then they would come get me and my sister to go play. We didn't know where any were close to use, so we searched the internet and found one about 30 miles away. So we'd drive all that way just to play. Recently, while driving around near where we just moved, my mom found a park with frisbee golf. It is only 3 miles from our house. So now my sister and I play a lot more. I think in the last month or so, I've played about 7 times. I am absolutely horrible at it; I have horrible hand/eye coordination, but I still love to play.
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