It's April Fools' Day again..Why can't we make friends?

March 31, 2009 12:27pm CST
Today is April Fools' Day again,it's remind me of the nice guy whom I loved.We met and immediately fell in love on this day.But I didn't accept him in the end because of many reasons at that time.On the same day of last year,God had taken a joke on me.Can you imagine that I run into him exactly at the same place and the same time?Many things have changed and he got a new girlfriend.I guessed he may don't even remember me any longer for we seems like strangers on the road.I smiled and said "Hello" to him but with nothing returned.His expression embarrassed me very much.Why can't we make friends? Though it was April Fools' Day,he was really resent me.Have you encountered someone who you loved?What would you do then?
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@baifuwa (637)
• China
1 Apr 10
Yes .i had a girlfried before.And i expressed my love to her in the april fools' day.But she didn't accpet me like you .Then she agreed with me after two months. We have parted for a long time.But we are friends .I called her sometime,and asked her what was her up recently!
• China
11 Apr 09
Are you from China? So am I.
@lymevat (47)
• United States
31 Mar 09
I think a new girlfriend means nothing, if you still love him. If I were you, I would call him to have a talk. Maybe just talk about the weather, or the resent news. If he don't lost interesting of talking with you, just go ahead, and tell him your feeling. I believe to know his feeling and get the answer is better than hesitate and keep thinking about it. Of cause, it is my opinion. You desision depend on your choice. Hope every will be wonderful.