March 31, 2009 5:59pm CST
I have been so meek and passive...that even if some unscrupulous people keep trampling me I keep on enduring and just keep on thwarting their blows until I can. So far these people haven't done anything really bad against me, yet they keep on trying to hurt me. They won't stop. I don't really know and I can't really understand why they do such crazy things against me. I keep thinking why they are doing these things to me. Maybe it's because I am doing well with my job that my bosses make me their favorite and these people are jealous. If that would be the case these people have crab mentality. Sometime I think of fighting back at them. I think of revenge...what do you think? Have you any situation like that?
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@modstar (9612)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
Fight back. Not physically but use your brain. Use your influence to your boss. You have the tools. If it means termination for them, so be it. Let them learn the lesson the hard way. It's the only way you can vindicate yourself. The more you take from them, the more they will become arrogant and they will just use it against you. Life for you is a flat tire and you're always at the bottom. It's time for you to vulcanize on your way to the top where you should be. Let them realize that they're just the crap underneath your tire. Again, use your brain.
@HelScream (2828)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
I am a very friendly person but even if I have lots of friends still I cant expect to please everyone so some of them got jealous.....What ever they do to me cant harm me for I know that I am not doing wrong and am never guilty of anything that is bad so I let it out of their conscience and just let them be it is where they are happy but it would be their sin and not mine so I have nothing to loose and a virtue to maintain that is whats important.... and regarding your case my friend never do revenge coz you hate what they do right so dont be like them by doing the same thing......In time they will get what they deserve just dont take it in your hand my friend......
• United States
2 Apr 09
I am a very passive laid back person. Throughtout the years I have been used and been stabbed in the back. I never understood why people or so called friends would do that to someone who gives the everything, helps them out, and more! It just upsets me but you learn who your friends are. But relationship wise I did have a revenge situation. I was cheated on and I felt hurt and wanted to get him back so I played the whole I like your best friend kind of thing. Well his friend and I started hanging out and then we messed around. Well it got back to him and he was soo angry i was just smiling and said what goes around comes around!