Which one have you done to show your love??

March 31, 2009 11:48pm CST
1. Sign your letter:"Forever and a day" 2. Attedn a lousy movie, sit in the balcony, and make outin the dark 3. Place a heart-Shaped sticker on your wristwatch to remind you to call him/her. 4. Give her a gold bracelet made of X's and O's. 5. Chance one bad habit 6. On your lover's birthday, send his/her mother a "Thank you" card. 7. Hide a pair of earrings in a box of Chocolates. 8. Try this: Go one solid week without saying anything negative. 9. Shower together by candlelight 10. Warm her bath towel in the dryer for her. 11. Upside down stamps on the envelopes mean"Ilove you" 12. Kiss her hand-the proper way(lower your lips to her hand" 13.Celebrate the anniversary of when you first met 14. Carry a wedding photo in yoru wallet 15. Program her computer's start-up screen to flash a love messgae from you. .......... The more you can think of, just do it. Wish all of my lotters happy and be loved.
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