I never understood why I cried on my niece's father's death!

@sanuanu (11238)
April 1, 2009 1:44am CST
Yes, I did cry and he was the only person I cried on his death. I live here with my mom and dad at patna and she lives in different town. In 1997, I found out that I am turned into 15 and I have been out of the school and entered the college. Then I met this niece(I don't have photo right now) who was almost of my age. You can call us same age teen ager. We became a very good friend to each other. 1997-98 was a brilliant year for us. That time we were not using internet and all. So, the only way of communication was through letter writting and posting. I even have all the letters with me which we wrote to each other. We used to send greeting card on each other's bday or new year. Then in mid 1998, her father died and I was like crazy for that. i couldn't see her crying like anything. I went to her father funeral too but for the next 15 days, I was crying and crying and crying doing nothing else. I never understand why I cried so much! One of my friend told me that because I was fallen in love with my niece, I can't see her sad and that's why I am crying over this incident. I started believing him and thought that I loved her but later on I understood that it wasn't love but mere a friendship or even it was only a relationship that I am her Maternal uncle. The question is: I have many friends in my life and I never cried for anyone but why did I cry for her? Was I really in love with her?
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4 Apr 09
Thanks for sharing the nostalgic moment with all of us here, and I believe that it happened that way because you delved unconditionally into that emotional plot of your life history. One simple example is when you reminiscing your own previous doleful life, with no specific reason you tears drop because of "mind seeing". RETRO AND PRESENT LIFE, THE CONNECTION There is a proverb; "See with your mind and not your eyes". Meaning that, your mind crying and your physical body crying is to demonstrates the proof of your retro life does effects your present life. The nature nurture learning value in that kind of happening. Regarding your love feeling, if any, it is because of your caring factor does exist in your friendship. Never care will never love, justly like loving our body and of course must take care body's health and the healthiness practice, consistently.
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4 Jun 09
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