What`s your feeling when somebody interrupt your own time?

April 1, 2009 5:52am CST
I really don`t like when someday interrupt me as i`m enjoying my own time.Even though she is my best friend,but i could not say anythind about that for she don`t know what i`m dong and is not deliberate.It seemed like there is someone enters your own space suddenly and you could not do the thing you like to `cos it feel a little stange.So do you have the same feeling like me ?What should you do when this happened?
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• China
3 Apr 09
Such things also happened on me. When I enjoy my time, someone break in. I really hate this. I am fond of comunicating with my friends about my life,job and study. But I focus on something, I prefer not to be interrputed. Sometimes I speek to them directly and ask to talk later. They can understand. Maybe you can have a try. Just speek out.