How to stimulate Collagen Production in your skin Naturally?

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@ana3173 (420)
April 1, 2009 6:14am CST
Collagen is the primary protein and it is found in animals connective tissue, you can also found it in humans. Its a long and fiber looking type of protein. Collagen bundles is those bundles of collagen that give cells the structure. as we get older we lose this collagen in our body only a substantial amount of collagen. wrinkles begin to develop without proper care of the body, without proper nourishment to body components that are responsible to collagen production. but there are effective ways in stimulating collagen production. take plenty of foods that contain compounds and substances that were determined to stimulate collagen production naturally. Phytessence Wakame is reputed to abundantly contain Hyaluronic acid. Wakame is an exotic kelp that has been used as a food additive and nutritional supplement i japan for decades.Hyaluronan is responsible in bringing together your cells and tissues especially in your skin. eating plenty of fruits and vegetables help you regenerate your skin cells and connective tissue also. they help you acquire nutrients to assist your body develop and replace dying and damage cells. eating plenty of fruits will get rid the toxins in your body, these toxins weakens the connective tissues, resulting to more elastic and firmer skin. do these, by eating lot of healthy foods and these will naturally stimulate collagen production and your on your way having a beautiful healthy skin.
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