It's April Fool's Day. Do you have funny experience during this day?

@kewlme (163)
April 1, 2009 7:36am CST
I was in the office this morning and I didn't realise that today is April Fool's Day. I realised it when one of my colleague came in at 6:36am and she was late at that time. She shouted that she will maximise her time since she is early for her 7am shift. My other colleague then was surprised why she said that since our shift still is at 6am and it will only change next week due to DST. Then suddenly we all laughed and told her that somehow she was fooled not by someone but herself and we greeted her Happy April Fool's day. How about you? Do you have an incident today or previous experience which is related to April Fool's Day? Please share your stories.
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@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
April fool's day...funny experience? Actually all that happened today was really funny..I think when we ate in a canteen this afternoon, I think the waiter is making fun with us..Imagine, first my friend ordered a whole rice then when he gave looks like it is not whole. When i got my rice,it is smaller than the rice of my friend. When all of my friends got their rice, some looks like it's only half rice or maybe it can be one fourth rice because it is very small. Then we are just laughing at the size of the rice and actually before we got our order we waited for almost one hour. The waitress said that they would prepare it for 10 minutes. Is it a joke? We are waiting for a long time and we are starving. But at last, the waitress gave a free food to us because they served us very slowly. I remember one scene, before we eat our food my friend open the coke in bottle and it showered to me. We have coke in our dress but luckily it was just small amount that showered on me. My friends are fooling with my one friend. I know that she is mad at them, becaus she is always teased by them. We are just laughing to her reactions. I can really say that this day because many foolishness happened on this day.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
1 Apr 09
today no body fooled me and didn;t find excitement upto now. i also didn;t fooled others. today nobody is there for me, to fool them .so waiting for a guy to fool. my husband came from office and sleeping now. i am thinking to fool him only when he wake up.