What is your main interest during travelling?

April 1, 2009 9:55am CST
We travel to enjoy ourselves focusing on multiple interests, such as natural scenery, historic spots, folk events, shopping, or just leisure vacation. What is your main interest?
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• India
9 Apr 09
Hello my friend zhuhuifen46 Ji, Mine one is reading, after eating. I always carry lot of reading material on asorted topics. May God bless you and have a great time.
@France7 (385)
• Philippines
6 Apr 09
Hi there friend! I go for travel mostly for sightseeing. I am a nature lover that is why i love going to places where in can see beautiful scenery:)
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
3 Apr 09
My main interest is historical places, ancient buildings or structures. After that, is the local food (I love eating ), and then souvenir shopping!
@sunny0806 (248)
• China
3 Apr 09
I'm interested in the beautiful scenery, all kinds of handwritings, pictures which I can not meet usually. I'm also interested in the special foods which are famous in the country.
@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
3 Apr 09
the natural scenery,delicacies,entertainment,night life,historic spot,traditional cuisine,shopping,leisure and beauty services..
@Porcospino (18422)
• Denmark
2 Apr 09
I am an artist and when I visit a new place I am always interested in the local art museums and galleries. I am also interested in architecture, and I like to look at the old buildings and historical spots. I like to walk around in the streets of a new place and just feel the atmosphere and look at the people. Big cities are interesting to me but so are islands. When I visit a new country I like to vist some of the different islands. I like to enjoy the beauty of nature and the peaceful atmosphere on small islands. I also enjoy to eat the local food, learn some of the language and meet some of the locals.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
1 Apr 09
My top interest is tropical islands and beaches. I adore seeing palm trees and a crystal clear sea. I love to go swimming and snorkeling to see a colorful coral reef. Another major interest that I have is seeing attractive looking architecture in cities. I am very keen on seeing native wildlife. I find it very interesting and enjoyable to meet the local people.
@xhaylea (363)
1 Apr 09
When i go travelling, its for a relaxing holiday, or maybe even a day out, something fun for me and my family and friends to do, and i love going to the leisure centres/amusements, and going to the beach, and i love seeing natural scenery like you said, events, seeing different shops there and just having a fun, peaceful, exciting holiday or day out really :).
@CMTS_87 (1342)
• Philippines
1 Apr 09
Try the night life of the place, meet new friends, and learn the unique culture! HAHA! I have one more thing in my mind that I what to do while traveling, but I will just keep it into myself. hehe Happy MyLotting!