Is any company like to employ boys more than girls.

April 1, 2009 10:30am CST
HI everyone,I am finding my first job these days.Last week a friend(a boy) and I had an interview in a same company.The manager interview us one by one.I think I express well.And the manager said that my expresstion is better than that boy's.First I must say that the working capability of ours be about the same.But I am disoppiont that he can go to the company now but I have no information.We are friends .I am glad that he work in that company.But I just want to know,Is any company like to employ boys more than girls when they choose one between a boy and a girl.Maybe they think about that a girl is not stable .Like if they marry,they will leave the company to the place where their spouse staying.Oh my god.I feel so bad.Is anybody here to answer me?But however,I am Ok to go on my life for my dream.Become a dreamer.
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@coldmoon (1092)
• France
2 Apr 09
Don't be disappointed. Smile ( as your nick) to be ready for a new start. The preference of men or women depends on the nature of the work. It doesn't concern much stability as you think, well, in the contract you are tied with a duration and you can't leave, unless you die or you're pregnant. But in fact, men are more quiet, they don't gossip much about their work with their friends while most of girls don't know the limit of secrets. Men also can stay under pression because they can hide their emotions, but many girl officers cry about his family while working. But you must not be upset. There're many company preferring girls. For example, it's the mine, haha. My boss never wants to recruit a guy for our department, because all of us are women, most of us are single, the appearance of a man may cause many changes. Thinking that you were in countercase and you'll more optimistic.
• China
3 Apr 09
Hi coldmoon,Thanks your respond.I will go on hunting my job.Maybe that work doesn't fit me.But I think I am not the girl that who cry for her family while working.^_^ I want to find a company like yours.I want to work and have something to do.and best wishes to you coldmoon.
@sunnew (68)
• China
5 Apr 09
yes ,i think this situation is a ture problem .we must admit it .i think its unfairfor girls ,as y say y have enough capability ,but the campany didnt employ u.i admire y are positive,and y should positive.i think this problome will be soveled inthe future.yes,become a dreamer first.