yeah..I would to like learning new things.. xD

Slovak Republic
April 1, 2009 2:24pm CST
I love learning new things..especially foreign particular English of course :D but I would to like learning more..about life..about countries..about world..I enjoy travelling and would like to travel around the world..I want to know new places, new culture, new friends..I am very very friendly.. :D :D but I did not understand that...well..when I was younger I always watched the TV and I chatted with everybody on pokec (it is slovak page) but know..I will be 17 and I think about my life alternatively...In my opinion to watch telenovels on TV is just loss of can not learn from telenovels is not real..or do u thing that I am wrong? :) I am very curious for your advise xD What do u thing about "learnenig new things" ?? How do u learn new things? What are u mostly interested? Do u thing that many people is spending their time uselessly?? Thank u very much for your answer :))
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