Caugh in the act

April 1, 2009 11:19pm CST
Good day myLotters! Just want to start a discussion regarding cheaters. What do you think are the reasons why others cheat on their partners? And if you caught your partners in the act (cheating on you), what will you do? Me, I guess, I'll let him know I saw him with his other girl. And don't even bother to start a conversation. He's guilty so he is expected to start talking and explaining. If he doesn't, then that's it. Because that will make feel me worthless for him, that my feelings doesn't matter. So how about you guys? What do you think will your move?
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@kassdaw (593)
• United States
2 Apr 09
People don't realize that with most cheating spouses it starts or blame falls on the faithful spouse. If the relationship is good for both parts involved and one decides to cheat then they are unable to commit, most times. If the relationship is normal and you argue every now and then and get angry with each other once in awhile and one chooses to cheat then the relationship or partner lacks something that the cheater needs or desires. A spouse who nags all the time, is impatient, rude, and/or controlling has a better chance at having their partner cheat on them. This is not fully the cheaters fault. I have been on both sides of this throughout past relationships. And I have never gotten angry about being cheated on. I knew that he didn't want to hurt me by breaking it off when parts of the relationship were great. There was just something missing that he needed. We are now best friends and drinking buddies. There are the people that can't help themselves, nothing is ever good enough. Their spouse is the ideal person for them but they still think that there are better people out there for them or just one more step up and they will have the best spouse and relationship ever. The thing that people who have been cheated on need to realize is that the person that the cheater is with is not to blame, unless of course they are a friend of yours or a family member of yours and they know that the person is in a committed relationship. If it is a co-worker or the cheater's friend that you don't see often, isn't hard for them to be convinced that your relationship is over. There are only two people to blame, yourself and your partner. Only in some cases is it just the cheaters fault.
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
I think you are really an open minded person. And that you see both sides and faults. I am glad that you guys are friends! That's rare. Thanks for responding to this discussion. You have made me realize things.
• India
6 Apr 09
I don't like this type of person. Even I hate this type of behaviour from anybody. If I get incharffged of this type of situation then I kill all cheaters.