money so easy to get here

April 2, 2009 4:22am CST
Hello my loters i hve found a new website that pay $50 every day and you can earn more than me because i earn $50 a day but you can earn $100 a day if you are varified it free and simple i know you guys will thank me for is the link htp// copy and paste in your browser. see you there...
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@Reyah23 (641)
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
Nice! Do you have proof of payment from this site? Please share it with me so i can join you in that site.
@sahed159 (369)
2 Apr 09
Payment proof. Vinefire, They say that they will pay every user after january2010. I do not know why? May be it is a scam or not.
• Nigeria
4 Apr 09
not yet, they send me message about what people are saying about their site yesterday.they said the reason why people are in doubt about their site is because they did not provide alot of answers in the site but it will be more than what it is soon enough,and they told me that they will be moving fisrt payout to june 1 2009.based on certain conditions more of that is coming soon. so all i can say is that we should wait and see what they can do if they pay we keep goin if they didn`t we you all
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
12 Dec 09
Yes, it's easy to see that earnings in that websites is very much appreciated. But the question is did you get paid? I have earn from that sites around $2,350 dollar but not assure to get paid because I know they don't pay...
@star3232 (40)
• Netherlands
2 Apr 09
Hmm sounds like a scam to me. Do you want to wait 1 year to get paid and then it turns out to be a scam. Waste of time if you ask me Nikki x
• India
2 Apr 09
do you have a payment proof from this site. i hope you don't have any payment proof. have you read this question on vinefire....." The first payment is scheduled to be sent January 31,2010 .." it means you wont' get paid a whole year and you will put all your efforts to reach the payout and to get verified you need to invest 5$ and after that the company will say bye bye...i am going with your money...isn't it...don't add people in your downline just to earn cash..but be sure that the site is genuine and payouts are there......